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Internship Essay Example

The major objective of my internship at “The HT Group” was to master the procedures concerning the recruitment of the appropriate specialists that would correspond the requirements of our clients. As a matter of fact, I have obtained.

  • I think that an internship is extremely valuable to a student. It is a small taste of the real world. It has served as a beneficial ending to my formal education. In my opinion, the best way to learn is by doing. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship this summer and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

  • Internship Essay Example. I completed my internship at NYC and gained a lot of experience. The internship was a pathway for the acquiring of a degree in Finance. By completing the degree, there are various skills and competencies that I will acquire and that will be very useful in the future. For instance, my business acumen and skills in finance.

  • These ten weeks of internship was one kind of a joyous learning process. I simply admire ADEC Food Safety and Sanitation Program for having me as their intern and molding me personally and professionally. ADEC/FSS works for protecting public health at regulated food, seafood and public facilities.


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